Luke Anthony
Lead Guitar & Vocals

Luke joined The Front Covers in 2011 having spent many years teaching guitar at Berkshire Maestros. Initially trained as a classical guitarist, Luke was inspired to pick up the electric guitar through a desire to emulate the
guitar playing of Eric Clapton. 


Terry Threadingham

Terry has been playing in bands since the late 60s
predominantly a Portsmouth band called Coconut Mushroom, who were signed to Apple Records.
He has since played in various pub bands before forming The Front Covers. Terry still plays his original classic 60s Ludwig kit.

David Smith
Lead Vocal, Guitars & Percussion

David has been with The Front Covers since 2006 having performed with a variety of bands since the 1970s including Influence, Gypsy's Kiss, Wildwood Flower, The Flying Finns and the Average Height Band and has performed solo many, many times over the years.


Ray Henessey
Bass Guitar & Vocals

Ray is a founder member of The Front Covers and has been playing and performing since the age of eleven. He has toured Britain and Ireland in various bands playing major functions and venues all over the country.

Ines Pengilly
Keyboards & Vocals 

Having learned classical piano from the age of seven, Ines had a chance to realize a dream when she joined The Front Covers a few months after their creation. She also supports Ray and Luke with backing vocals.